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Vacancies at KU Wonnayba Children’s Centre

Monday, 30 January 2017

KU Wonnayba offers occasional care for children aged 6 weeks – 5 years old, and places can be booked permanently or as needed.

There are limited positions currently available at the centre. Have your questions answered by one of the centre's friendly and dedicated educators and staff by contacting KU Wonnayba or dropping in for a visit.

About the centre

The early childhood teachers and educators at KU Wonnayba believe that all children are unique individuals. Children are provided a warm, nurturing environment where qualified educators plan and support the needs, interests and skills of each child.

The program caters for all areas of children’s growth and development through experiences which are designed to promote learning and challenge your child. The centre values the cultural, family and individual diversity in the community and includes this as an important part of the program.

Experienced Educators have a commitment to your child’s care and education, which shines through in their positive relationships with the children.

For more information visit

  • Brooke Meadows
  • Phone: 4967 6488

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