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Important UniSuper changes

Friday, 11 December 2015

The Consultative Committee has voted to make two important changes to UniSuper.

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The Consultative Committee, which includes representation from all member universities across Australia, is tasked with considering amendments to the UniSuper Trust Deed, and if considered appropriate, voting to accept these changes.

Our university has four representatives on the Committee.

Employer representatives:

  • Nat McGregor, Chief Operating Officer
  • Sharon Champness, Director People and Workforce Strategy.

Employee representatives:

  • Jon Hirst representing Academic staff
  • David Pleasance representing Professional and Teaching staff

At a recent meeting of the Consultative Committee held on 27 November 2015, the Committee voted to support the following two important changes.

Introduction of a new product - FlexiChoice

The FlexiChoice product is expected to commence in 2017/18 Financial Year and will replace the current Defined Benefits Division.  As captured by the FlexiChoice title, this product will allow members greater choice in your own personal, as well as employer, superannuation contributions throughout your employment in the Higher Education Sector.

Expansion of Family Accounts

Currently UniSuper members are able to open accounts for their spouses only.  This change to the Trust Deed will allow for family accounts to be expanded to a far wider range of relatives.

UniSuper will provide members with information concerning these significant changes in the coming months.

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