The University of Newcastle, Australia

Hot desking in Ourimbah

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

There are now three bookable hot desks for use by non-Ourimbah staff. Located in a dedicated room in the Admin Building, one desk includes a PC, the other two have docks to plug in laptops. Each desk has a phone.

Hot desks

“We strongly encourage colleagues from other campuses to spend time here,” Dean of the Central Coast campus, Dr Brok Glenn said.

“We enjoy many of the benefits of having a smaller campus here at Ourimbah, and it’s always great to see some different faces and our staff appreciate colleagues coming to us,” Brok said.

HR Business Partner, Lisa Fairlie works from Ourimbah one day a week.

“Being here on a regular basis has allowed me to strengthen relationships with Central Coast colleagues and to really understand another dimension to the UON employment experience,” Lisa said.

The three desks are booked via Outlook.

“NeW Space has really opened our minds to being more flexible in how and where we work. It can be really invigorating to change your environment from time to time,” Brok said.

Please direct any questions to Shendelle Hayde, Administrative Officer on ext.84014

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