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Enterprise Bargaining Update 16 June 2014

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Enterprise bargaining continues to move towards the last stages of negotiation with a number of areas that have been discussed over many months being finalised last week.

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Refreshingly, we were able to find mutual agreement around some matters of importance to both the University and the unions including staff development, organisational change and redeployment.

We also completed an overall stocktake, clause by clause, of all three Agreements to clarify what has been agreed, what is not changing and the small number of issues that remain to be resolved. While it does feel that we are getting very close to finalisation, we also acknowledge that there appear to be a number of claims where agreement may not be able to be reached with the NTEU given what we understand to be constraints imposed by their national office. There are also some areas that the NTEU continues to pursue even though we had understood that these were of a lesser importance and could reasonably be set aside in favour of the other significant inclusions and changes the University has been asked to contemplate.

The University remains keen to finalise the Agreements in an expeditious way so that salary increases can be provided to staff. It is the University's intent for salary increases to apply from the date that staff agree to the new Enterprise Agreements and hence there is a strong desire from the University and from some of our union colleagues to conclude discussions and engage all staff around the proposed Agreements. We have further meetings scheduled for both this week and next week to progress the outstanding issues.

Thank you to staff who have provided feedback on our previous communications. We value your engagement around our shared Enterprise Agreements.

Best regards

Andrew Parfitt
DVC Academic

John Germov
PVC Education and Arts

Sharon Champness
Director People and Workforce Strategy

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