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Enterprise bargaining achieves in principle agreement

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Last week's enterprise bargaining meetings were very productive with the parties achieving in-principle agreement across all outstanding issues.

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Over the next two weeks we will be finalising the wording in a number of areas. While there is a possibility that the detail of the wording may be unresolvable, this is considered unlikely.

As such, we believe that our enterprise agreements for professional staff, academics and teachers are close to final. We are pleased with the draft agreements, which provide a number of benefits to staff including staff development, enhanced redeployment options and clear guidelines for academic workload allocation. They also provide some increased flexibility for the University in managing organisational change, performance management and employment arrangements that will hold our institution in good stead in a more competitive deregulated environment.

The bargaining team will meet on 6 August for a full day to review and finalise all three agreements and to agree on the structure of the salary increase. The parties have discussed a three percent per annum pay rise as being appropriate - given the financial challenges of the sector, recent increases at other universities and UON's desire to provide a fair increase to recognise the efforts of staff.

The discussion around structure of the salary increase on 6 August will consider whether the salary increase is divided into two increases spaced across each year, as has occurred in previous agreements, and from when the first increase will apply.

While the process of achieving agreement has been long and at times challenging, we believe that we have reached a positive outcome for all UON staff. Following finalisation of the agreements on 6 August, staff will receive detailed communications to explain the contents of the agreements and the benefits they contain.

As always, if you have any questions, please email

Best regards,

Andrew Parfitt

DVC Academic

John Germov

PVC Education and Arts

Sharon Champness

Director People and Workforce Strategy

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