The University of Newcastle, Australia

Changes to Telstra mobile services

Monday, 8 December 2014

Important information regarding new mobile and data plan services for staff

Staff mobile usage

On 2 December 2014 the university's renewed contract with Telstra Corporation Limited for a shared voice and data plan came into effect. This new service is overall more cost effective and will not affect the use of existing mobile devices including iPads, tablets, smartphones, USB dongles and other data devices.

The primary changes in the new plan relate to fixed costs per device and usage charges billed to the allocated cost collector. Voice charges over and above those included in the new plan will continue to be billed to the service incurring the cost.

A further benefit of moving to this new plan is that more users will be able to access the data pool. Whilst costs may vary (some higher or lower in some instances) overall the new plan will provide a significant reduction in costs to the University.

For more information please contact your Financial Planning and Business Support operative.

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