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Larapinta Challenge Update

Thursday, 1 March 2018

You made over 1,000 donations across nine countries to support the Larapinta Trail Challenge 2017 – thank you all!

Larapinta Challenge trekkers taking a rest

100% of the $150,612 raised will support Indigenous education and research.

Ready to make an impact

We engaged with key Indigenous leaders, trekkers and University staff, research and scholarship groups; and were guided by the University’s NeW Futures Strategic Plan 2016- 2025 in choosing where to diseminate the funds:

  • $60,000 for 15 Larapinta Trail Challenge Shaping Futures scholarships over 2018-2020 for Indigenous undergraduate students facing hardship
  • $30,000 for postgraduate research scholarships supporting future Indigenous leaders
  • $60,612 for University research projects which address key health issues affecting Indigenous  communities

Indigenous health in the spotlight

Grants were awarded to two research projects in December 2017:

  • Improving foot health outcomes for Aboriginal Australians with diabetes.
  • MAMAS EMPOWER HEALTH APP (Mothers, Aunties, Maternal Aboriginal Smokefree - Exercise Mindful Pregnancy)

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