Electronic Course Readings

Easier access to course readings

From semester 1 2018, the Library is implementing a new electronic course readings system that will improve provision, access and discovery of course readings for everyone.

For course coordinators:

  • You can add your own readings, which means you have more control over your readings list – you can add items at short notice.
  • Your existing reading lists from the library catalogue will be rolled over to the new system.
  • You can easily organise the readings in a way that suits your course, highlighting particular readings and posting comments about readings for your students.
  • You can track the number of times that a reading has been viewed by students.
  • Readings are located within Blackboard, helping to improve the student experience.
  • There is reduced potential for copyright breaches. The new automated process means you can be confident of complying with copyright laws.
  • Help from Library staff, including copyright advice will be available when you need it.

Implementation Timeframe

The electronic course readings system will be gradually rolled out to all schools across the University in the coming months.

Let us know if you’d like to jump the queue.