Funding opportunities

The Faculty understands the importance of supporting research staff in their endeavours to be world leaders in their field. As such, the Faculty, its Schools and Centres offer a wide range of funding schemes that are tailored from year to year to the changing needs of the research environment. Our researchers have access to various programs including (but not limited to):

  • Conference Travel Grants
  • Equipment Grants
  • Grant Preparation Scheme (statistical/health economic and grant writing/editing assistance)
  • Pilot/Seed Funding Grants
  • Publication Scheme
  • Targeted Grant Scheme Support
  • Visiting Fellow Scheme

Gladys M Brawn Fellowships

The Gladys M Brawn Bequest provides various levels of research fellowship support from year to year. For further information see also Gladys M Brawn Fellowship.

The Faculty also administers scholarships and grant schemes on behalf of our generous donors. Philanthropic support contributes to our world-leading research and enables our researchers to challenge conventional thinking and change lives.

You can donate to the Faculty, an individual researcher, project or specific research area by Giving to UON.