The University of Newcastle, Australia

Level 3 - unfolding emergency


  • Expressing thoughts of suicide or self- harm but currently safe.
  • People are expressing their concerns.

Academic functioning

  • Not attending classes.
  • Failing courses.
  • Unable to function effectively in their student roles.

Social functioning

  • May be isolated and withdrawn.
  • Communications don’t make sense.
  • Irrational or hostile interactions which are out of character.

Personal functioning

  • May be experiencing mood swings.
  • Neglecting self-care.
  • Disorganised and having difficulty making decisions.
  • Thoughts of escaping via self-harm or suicide.
  • Could seem out of touch with reality.

Coping behaviours

  • Poor coping across several areas of life.
  • Impulsive.
  • Self-medicating.
  • Unable to make use of supports.

Your response

  • Encourage student to review academic expectations - options to reduce load, WWAP - and to enlist support of family and close friends.
  • Refer to student support, Counselling, GP. Consult with senior colleague, Campus Care, Counselling if student at risk of harm to self or others.