Your student card helps you access a number of services such as library and printing services and student discounts both on and off campus.

Student ID card

Your student ID card is your passport to our libraries, computers and travel concessions. Your card is current while you are enrolled at the University of Newcastle. 

To get a student card, simply visit a Student Hub with identification. Student Hubs can also provide you with a replacement card if yours is lost or stolen.

If you are studying via distance or at the Port Macquarie campus, or need a replacement card, please complete a Student ID Card Mail Request form (PDF, 281KB) to obtain your card.

You may also be entitled to a travel concession if you're a full time, on-campus, student.

Please provide one of the following:

  • current Australian driver's licence
  • valid passport
  • RTA proof of age card

If you don't have the above items, please provide two of the following:

  • birth certificate (not extract)
  • student identification card issued by an educational institution
  • pension or government health care card
  • government issued licence
  • Medicare card
  • credit card
  • financial institution cash card or passbook
  • council rates notice
  • electricity, gas or phone bill
  • tax assessment notice
  • foreign driver's licence
  • membership card (e.g. club, library)
  • rental receipt or statement from landlord or real estate agent
  • marriage certificate
  • divorce decree
  • name and address verified from electoral role
  • deed poll registered with the relevant authority

If you're under 18 years, please provide one of the following:

  • current Australian Driver's Licence
  • birth certificate (not extract)
  • valid passport
  • citizenship certificate