Surveys and feedback

Have your say. Make a difference.

Do you want to tell your lecturers they are doing a great job? Do you need better access to wireless internet? Do you have a suggestion that could improve your degree? University surveys and feedback give you the chance to have your say and make a difference to the quality of your university experience.

How to give your feedback

Regardless of whether you are a new student, in the final days of your degree, or have just graduated we welcome all feedback about your courses right through to the services we provide.

From time to time, UoN will ask you to take part in surveys. You can access these surveys through your NUmail (studentmail) or by clicking the orange 'surveys' icon on the homepage of the myUoN portal.

The following surveys have been designed so that we can find out what's important to you:

The start of your university adventure is an exciting experience but it can also be overwhelming, which is why we try to make the transition as smooth as possible. Your feedback via the Commencing Students Survey allows us to make sure that everything from orientation to campus signage all live up to your expectations and make your first few weeks that little bit easier.

Completing the Survey

The Commencing Students Survey is conducted online every two years and will be sent to all new students. The next commencing student survey will run in 2019. Check out the 2017 questionnaire and some of the changes we've made in response to the feedback.

Your courses. Your say.

The Student Feedback on Courses (SFC) survey gives you the opportunity to tell us what the best and worst aspects of your university courses are. Everything is important - from what you learn to how it is taught. So if there is something that you loved or you think we can do better, your feedback can help us make your university experience right for you.

Completing the survey

All courses are surveyed each time they are offered - keep an eye on your inbox for information on when SFCs open. SFC results for previous terms are available here.

The Student Feedback on Teaching (SFT) survey allows you to give feedback about the teaching performance of your lecturers and tutors. The SFT survey is conducted online in any semester, trimester, or compressed term. You will only be asked to complete this survey if your tutor or lecturer has requested feedback.

Taking the leap into postgraduate studies means further commitment from our students. That's why we are committed to making sure that all our postgraduate programs deliver the most relevant and innovative coursework that will get you to the top of your profession.

The Student Feedback on Programs (SFP) survey is your chance to tell us what we're doing right and what we can do better in the following areas of your program:

  • teaching quality
  • learning activities
  • Work Integrated Learning
  • overall design and coherence
  • relevance and currency

The SFP is conducted online every two years and is sent to all postgraduate students. Please note undergraduate programs are assessed in the national Student Experience Survey (see below).

The purpose of this survey is to get your ideas and input for the priorities and projects to be funded through the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) next year. The survey identifies student preferences for the funding of campus services and amenities of a non-academic nature at UON.

The Student Feedback on the University of Newcastle (SFUN) survey allows students to tell us what they love about the non-academic services at our University. The survey covers everything from getting to campus, safety and security, events, health and wellbeing services, IT support, timetabling, food and retail outlets and more - all aspects of your university experience are important to us! With your feedback we can make any necessary improvements to provide you with an outstanding university environment.

The SFUN survey is conducted online every two years and all students are given the opportunity to provide their feedback. 7,020 people completed the survey in 2018 - check out the results!

The educational experience of students at the University of Newcastle not only affects academic performance, it plays a major part in personal development as well as professional success. The Student Experience Survey (SES) helps us understand the quality of the learning and teaching environment that we provide to students and informs any necessary improvements. The SES is an external online survey conducted annually by the Social Research Centre (SRC). All eligible students will be contacted by SRC to complete the survey.

Congratulations on graduating from the University of Newcastle. It's now time to reflect on your time at university and complete the Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS). The GOS is a national census of newly qualified graduates that helps us understand the quality of your study experience. Have you got the skills to give you the right start in your long term career? Do your skills match the needs of the Australian workforce? Participating in the GOS will help UON (and the Australian higher education sector) plan for the future and make improvements to higher education.

Completing the Survey

The survey is sent from the Social Research Centre to all graduates. Look out for your copy after your graduation ceremony (by email) in May or November.

TIP: Update your alumni profile now to access the Alumni Careers Service and to ensure you don't miss important communications from the university regarding graduation.

The International Student Barometer (ISB) is an online survey that invites international students to provide feedback on their time at the University of Newcastle and ensure we remain a number one destination for students who wish to take their studies abroad.

Completing the survey

The ISB is an annual survey that is independently administered worldwide by the International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate). All eligible international students will be sent an email to complete the survey.

If you missed your chance to complete any of the above surveys, don't worry. You can always send your confidential feedback to Ask UoN.