Exam strategies

Being prepared throughout your course will help ease some of the exam stress.

  • Make a regular time for review and use a variety of methods, such as summary cards and diagrams or recite practice questions. Rehearsing the information allows it to be saved in your long-term memory.
  • Maintain a healthy work-life-study balance.
  • Look at copies of past exams and analyse the format. Know what to expect in the exam.

To help you recall information:

  • Put information in your own words - summarise, outline. Can you explain the idea to someone else?
  • Organise information into chunks or sets. Recall mind-maps and diagrams, turn them into paragraphs.
  • Show relationships by using diagrams, flow charts, mind-maps. Use associations like colour coding, drawings or numbers to make links.
  • Use similarities and differences tables.
  • Devise practice questions and plan answers for them.

Try to avoid:

  • copying, rather than using your own words
  • not taking a break
  • studying several subjects together
  • not having material organised into logical categories
  • no regular revision
  • cramming