Develop your academic skills

Critical thinking, reading and writing for university can be new and challenging experiences.  UON has a number of online resources and support available to help you enhance your skills.

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To learn effectively, you will need to employ a variety of different methods. Use the tips below to improve your study skills. Alternatively, you might like to attend a workshop.

Ready Set Learn: 4 things to do now

Group Work

Effective Reading



Top tips for Studying for Exams

Exam Strategies

Open Book Exams


Foundation Study Guides - Academic skills guides for Foundation, Newstep and Yapug students.

Searching for Resources

Learn - Library skills, Library guides, tutorials, classes and research help guides


Essay writing - basics
7 steps to a killer essay

Understanding the question
Writing an introduction




Report writing 

Critical Appraisal and Literature Reviews

Critical appraisals 

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated bibliography 

Searching for Resources

Library resources:

Learn - Library skills, classes, tutorials, and guides

Research Guides



The UON Library offers more in-depth information about referencing, including style guides.

Improve my writing

Reporting verbs
Transition words

Be critical

Effective Reading

Annotate a bibliography

Annotated bibliography

Grammar is the way you choose and organise words to get your meaning across. In itself, it’s not that important. Academic work is mainly about understanding the topic, researching it properly, and discussing it fairly and logically. All those things are more important than grammar – but all of them depend on grammar. Organising your words helps show your understanding, paraphrase your research, and connect your information and ideas into a fair and logical discussion.

Ultimately, good academic grammar makes your work clear (i.e. avoids misunderstanding) and precise (i.e. shows your meaning exactly). Too much academic writing is notoriously difficult to read; good grammar helps you avoid that too. If your ideas are worthwhile, people should enjoy reading about them.

The last resource also covers the main principles of clear pronunciation if you want to develop it as part of your academic speaking.

How to write a sentence

How to write a good sentence

Additions in a good sentence

Punctuation in a good sentence

How to write a good paragraph

How to sound academic

Pronunciation for academic speaking


e-Learning Courses

The following e-learning courses have been designed for UON students in collaboration with UK based company EPIGEUM and are the first programs of their kind that are designed to support your transition into and throughout your University degree.  The below E-Learning courses are free for UON students and provide you with a certificate of completion for your personal portfolio.

Support and resources are available for a range of courses, including mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry, medicine and economics.

Our MASH sessions are available for numerous courses at most levels of your degree; our emphasis is on the first two years of many undergraduate Programs, as well as maths in Enabling Programs.

Learning advisers who specialise in maths and statistics are available to help you develop your skills and knowledge.

  • Click the button to the right for details of our MASH sessions
  • Specific resources and MASH sessions can also be found under the Help or Support tab in your course Blackboard site.
  • Small group and individual consultations can also be organised to meet your needs.

Email us your name, course and your query.

A Maths Diagnostic Quiz is a self-diagnostic test that allows you to measure your competence in mathematical areas such as basic algebraic manipulations, functions, geometry and solving equations.

A number of quizzes are available to all students via 'My Other Sites' in Blackboard, under 'Maths Diagnostic Quiz' [ORG.106309].

You can take a quiz at any time and immediate feedback will be provided. These quizzes should help you to:

  • assess your maths ability at a basic level
  • determine if you have the necessary skills to study courses with maths content
  • find the right person to contact if you have questions or need assistance
  • work out if you need to adjust your program to allow more time to build maths skills.

Additional learning resources are available via UONline. To access these resources go to:  UONline > Blackboard > My Other Sites > Learning Development

Contact Learning Development if you need further information.