Part one: Enrolling in myHub

Course enrolment is done in myHub. The process can be completed in three simple steps:

  1. Log in to myHub through myUON once enrolment has opened
  2. Complete your Mandatory To Do List
  3. Choose your courses for the term in which you are enrolling, adding one course at a time

You can also go back to myHub at any time to check your enrolment and make sure the correct courses are listed. Wait for 30 minutes after enrolling in myHub, then visit myTimetable to plan your timetable and nominate your preferences for class activities (where required).

Log in to myHub

Part two: Registering for classes in myTimetable

MyTimetable is the system where you will choose class times. MyTimetable makes registering for classes both easier and fairer for all students

You are automatically allocated to classes where there is only one option. However, where there are multiple options available for classes, lectures, tutorials, laboratories, practicals, etc. you will be asked to nominate your preferences for class times.

Put your preferences in the order in which you would most like to attend the class times. At the end of the preference period, myTimetable will close while the system uses an algorithm to allocate classes. After the sorting/allocation period you will receive your confirmed class times for the term. The system will then change to adjustment mode, allowing you to make changes to your class times if required.

Trimester 1 and Semester 1 2019 are currently in adjustment mode. You do not need to add preferences for these terms. Select from any available class times. Please see Step 3: Adjustment Mode below.

  1. Log in to myTimetable via myUON.
  2. Review your class activities listed under 'Enrolment' (including lectures, tutorials, seminars, labs, etc.). Click on a class activity to see more details in the main window.
    Note: if you are online student then you will not need to register for classes. However, it is a good idea to log in to myTimetable to check your enrolment just in case.
  3. Nominate your preferences for class times. Using the drop down list, enter a preference against each class activity where required.
    • Enter at least four preferences for classes that have more than four options. Enter a preference for each class where there are four or less options.
    • Note: if there is only one class time, you will be automatically allocated to that class. Make sure to review these times.
    • Tip: Use the 'Planner' available in myTimetable to assist you in optimising your timetable and nominating your preferences by using a weekly schedule view.
  4. Confirm that all actions have been taken for your classes (i.e. there are no red items left under 'Enrolment').

Await preference allocation. UON will close myTimetable during a designated sorting period to sort and allocate preferences. At this time you will not be able to view or edit your timetable.

UON will release class time allocations at the end of the sorting period and notify you via your student email.

You are emailed once the sorting period has finished and you have been allocated class times. MyTimetable will change to adjustment mode so you can review your timetable and make changes if required.

These changes may include:

  • Swapping to a different class time if there is availability: Identify the class that you want to change to and click on 'Select'. If the class is showing as 'Full', select the heart icon to the right. This will add you to the waitlist for this class time.
    Please note: if a space in the class becomes available, you will automatically be added to the new class time and notified via email.
  • Adding a new course: To add a new course you will need to first enrol in the course in myHub. Wait approximately 30 minutes for the class times to appear in myTimetable. You can then select the classes for this course from the available class times with vacancies.
    Note: you will not go through another sorting period. Changes will be made immediately.
  • Removing yourself from an allocated class: Select the bin icon to the right of the 'Allocated' button.
  • Removing a course: To remove a course, drop the course in myHub. This change will flow through to myTimetable automatically, but wait approximately 30 minutes to see the change in myTimetable.

When you are happy with your class times, view your weekly schedule. You can view your schedule in myTimetable under the 'Timetable' tab. Tip: Make sure to check your schedule at the start of each week as your timetable may change from week to week.

Help enrolling

If you need help at any stage in the enrolment process, first check your program plan, watch one of our relevant help videos, or AskUON. If you can't find an answer to your problem, or need someone to assist you further with your query, there are staff available to help at Student Central.

After enrolling

After you’ve finished the enrolment process, check your program plan to ensure you are attending the correct classes and courses for the given stage of your program.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the Program Advice team: