Compulsory attendance

From Semester 1 2020, we are introducing a compulsory 80% attendance requirement at small group tutorials, laboratory sessions and seminars for all first year students. Lectures and online learning sessions are NOT included. This applies to Callaghan, Ourimbah and Newcastle City campuses.


This decision is evidence-based and about getting the best outcomes for our students. There are well documented links between high attendance and student success. Students benefit from the exchange of knowledge and ideas that small group sessions provide, as well as the experience of collaborating and communicating with peers. Having a better understanding of who is attending classes will help teaching staff to more quickly identify students who may be struggling to make class or need additional assistance.


We’re using ExLibris’ internationally-used campusM software which connects to our timetabling system. Students will have the option of using a app to check in using geolocation or going directly to the class teacher who will sign them in (ie. so the student doesn’t need to use their own device). This method does not record a location.

A short video has been prepared to support staff. Full details about the technology can be found in the Knowledge Base at Service UON.

Information for students is available here.


As we roll out this new system, we expect there to be many questions. The most commonly asked questions are listed here and will be updated as more questions emerge.

If your question is not answered here, please complete this short form to log your question. The relevant area of the University will respond to you directly.

There is a link to myUON on the Current Staff landing page of the University website under Systems and Tools.

When myUON opens you will see an Attendance Check-in tile on the top line of the page.

Or access myUON at:

You can download the myUON App from the App store from the App Store or Google Play Store. There is an ‘Attendance Check-in’ tile in the top row of tiles on the App. When you click on the tile you will see a staff or student view. If you click on staff you will be able to see the students allocated to your class.

This page contains comprehensive ‘how to’ information on attendance recording. The page includes a video guide for staff.

Courses with a ‘1000’ code based on Callaghan, Ourimbah and Newcastle City campuses will require 80% attendance by first year students.  The focus is on tutorials, lectorials and lab sessions, but excludes lectures and online courses.

If a course already has a compulsory attendance requirement of 80% or greater, the existing arrangements continue to apply to both commencing and continuing students.

Where the compulsory attendance requirement was existing and applies to all students:

Attendance will be recorded via the myUON App. There may be a need for additional attendance information to be recorded, for example, there are safety procedures in some classes which require alternative attendance recording.  

Where the compulsory attendance requirement is new and applies only to commencing students:

All commencing students must participate in 80% of the <insert activity>.

Commencing students are those who have commenced study at UON for the first time in 2020. 

Continuing students are those who have studied previously, either in an enabling program or any undergraduate or postgraduate program.

It is suggested that all students enrolled in 1000 level courses should check-in, regardless of whether they are commencing or continuing students.

Students can check in from five minutes before the scheduled class to 45 minutes before the class finishes.

This is not advertised to students and academic staff are advised to remind students to check in when the class commences.

Students can download the MyUON (Official) app via the App Store or Google Play Store and check-in using the Attendance Check-in tile or ask the academic staff member to check them in.

Screenshot of app-store purchase of MyUON app

Yes, the app uses geolocation.

The 80% compulsory attendance requirement will not apply to students studying an online version of a course.

No, only Callaghan, Ourimbah, and NUspace.

A commencing student is someone who has never studied an in enabling or undergraduate program at the University previously.  We advise you to record all students’ attendance and will send instructions on how to identify commencing students later in the semester.

Yes, this is covered in the enrolment Terms, Conditions and Informed Consent:

“If I am in my first year of study and new to the University in 2020, I understand that in order to pass a 1000 level course I must attend a minimum of 80% of all teaching sessions for that course which are not classified as lectures (unless a higher attendance requirement is specified in the Course Outline). I understand that the University may monitor my attendance through a web based application which may use beacons or geolocation services and that data created by my use of this application will form part of my Personal Information.”

The academic staff member can check them in. The staff view does not use geolocation.

Students will receive a CF grade (Component Fail) unless the student has applied for Adverse Circumstances and the Course Co-ordinator is satisfied that attendance has been satisfactory under the circumstances.

Yes, there will be a drop down menu item added to the Adverse Circumstances system. Further information will be provided by the start of Semester 1.

As advice about Coronavirus is being updated daily, further advice will be offered to staff in respect of this issue closer to the start of the semester.

The academic staff member can check the student in or they can use a University computer or device.

The University will provide you with details of commencing students who are subject to the compulsory attendance requirement. Those who have previously undertaken studies at UON will not be classified as commencing students. It is recommended that all students enrolled in the course check in.

Only commencing students who do not satisfy the attendance requirement will incur a CF grade.

Yes. Any student who commences in 2020 will be classed as commencing, regardless of their commencing semester.

Yes, but they must use their own myUON login.

Reports which indicate those students who are subject to the attendance requirement and whether they have satisfied 80% attendance will be available.

Yes, students will be able to view their attendance progress in the app.

Academic staff can check the student in if requested by them.

Lectures are typically less hands-on or visual and are generally recorded so they can be listened to outside of class hours.