Bronze Award Assessment and Application

SAGE Pilot - Bronze Award assessment and application

Video: University of Newcastle SAGE pilot – equity in STEMM

As per the Athena SWAN accreditation program, a Self Assessment Team (SAT), pictured below, consisting of academic and professional staff and students was established at the University of Newcastle in 2016 and spent two years collecting and analysing data to identify gender and diversity issues within the organisation.

The SAT led by Professor Deb Hodgson, Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation), consulted broadly with their STEMM academics, staff and students to identify gaps between policy and practice. The team submitted an application for Bronze Accreditation in March 2018.

The Bronze accreditation level provides a platform for greatly improving Gender Equity over a four-year period. Regardless of the outcome of the application, the University of Newcastle has committed to a 4 year action plan that will support the key priorities of:

  • Representation, leadership and governance
  • Recruitment, retention, remuneration
  • Career progression
  • Student pipeline and outreach
  • Supporting careers
  • Organisational culture
  • Data management
  • Transgender and intersectionality
  • Indigenous

And this is just the beginning. The Bronze Award is the foundation piece and marks the beginning of a longer Athena SWAN journey. All going well, in four years’ time we will be measuring the impact of the action we have taken to support our application for the Silver Accreditation Level.

Professor Deborah Hodgson, Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation, Office - DVC (Research and Innovation) (Psychology)

Emma Austin, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Science

Professor Eric Beh, Statistics, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Professor Regina Berretta, Computer Science and Software Engineering
School of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Dr Karen Blackmore, Lecturer, School of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Dr Nikola Bowden, Research Fellow, Medical Genetics, School of Medicine and Public Health

Professor Julie Byles, Professor, School of Medicine and Public Health

Professor Robert Callister, Deputy Head of Faculty, Office of the PVC Health and Medicine (Anatomy)

Rachel Fowell, Equity and Diversity Manager, Human Resource Services

Associate Professor Anna Giacomini, Senior Lecturer, Civil Engineering, School of Engineering

Dr Phil Jobling, Senior Lecturer, Human Physiology, School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy

Michelle Jones, HR Systems Officer, Human Resource Services

Professor Jim Jose, Politics, Newcastle Business School

Helen Le Gresley, Executive Officer - PVC Unit, Office of the PVC Health and Medicine

Professor Rick Middleton, Head of School, School of Engineering Engineering and Computing

Meagan Morrissey, Senior Data Analyst, Strategy, Planning and Performance

Petrina Mosely, Information Analyst, Strategy, Planning and Performance

Sarah Nash, Workforce Communications Officer, Human Resource Services

Dr Hannah Power, Lecturer, Earth Sciences, School of Environmental and Life Sciences

Dr Ian Renner, Lecturer, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Michael Robertson, Associate Director Faculty Services, Office PVC - Education and Arts

Dr Meredith Tavener, Research Fellow, Faculty of Health and Medicine