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Research Advantage

ARC Grants

To receive information regarding ARC grants, please subscribe to our 'research-arc' mailing list. Please also review our ARC/NHMRC Grant Rounds Submission Procedures (PDF) for essential information regarding ARC application submission.

ARC Schemes Calendar with internal deadlines

Open Schemes

Scheme ARC OpenUON Online Booking System Opens* Eligibility & Compliance Check Period* UON Deadline for Final ApplicationARC Submission

Upcoming Schemes

Scheme ARC Opens UON Online Booking System Opens* Eligibility & Compliance Check Period* UON Deadline for Final Application ARC Submission
Linkage Projects 20171 July 20164 July 2016OngoingN/AOngoing

Closed Schemes

Scheme ARC Opened UON Deadline for Final ApplicationARC Submission
Centres of Excellence 2017 (EOI) 3 June 2015 15 July 2015 22 July 2015
Laureate Fellowships 2016 29 September 2015 3 November 2015 17 November 2015
Industrial Transformation Training Centres 2016 10 September 2015 26 November 2015 10 December 2015
Industrial Transformation Training Hubs 2015 10 September 2015 26 November 2015  10 December 2015
Discovery Projects 20179 December 201524 February 20163 March 2016
Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) 20173 February 201615 March 201622 March 2016
Discovery Indigenous 20173 February 201624 March 201631 March 2016
Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF)17 February 2016

Internal NOI due 9:00am
23 February 2016
5:00pm AET Thursday 31 March 20165:00pm AET Wednesday 6 April 2016
Future FellowshipsTuesday 15 March 20165:00pm Tuesday 3 May 20165:00pm Tuesday 10 May 2016

Please note: the dates listed above are subject to change. Visit the ARC website for more important dates.

*Research Services is piloting an online booking process for eligibility and compliance checks on applications to external funding bodies. Individual checks will be done on a rolling basis. The pilot will apply to applications submitted after 6 January 2016. Visit the 'Apply' page for more details.

ARC Submission Procedure

Submit an ARC Grant Application (PDF, 44 KB)

RMS Access

RMS 2.0 allows researchers requesting funding under the ARC National Competitive Grants Program to prepare and submit proposals electronically via the internet.

Each proposal is completed by researchers and consists of an electronic document generated from a combination of data entered directly into the proposal form, and PDF documents attached to the proposal form in RMS 2.0.

Note: The Admin Organisation will be The University of Newcastle

The RMS Funding Announcement Page contains links to key documents such as:

  • Introduction to RMS 2.0 Login
  • Submitting a Proposal in RMS 2.0

All new applications as well as final reports will need to be submitted to RMS 2.0.

RMS minimum system requirements

RMS 2.0 is compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Compatibility with different browsers or older versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer is not guaranteed.

ARC Reporting

If you have a current ARC grant with outstanding reports, this may affect your eligibility for current ARC applications. Please see the ARC Reporting Requirements webpage.

Access to Successful Applications

Research Services can provide researchers with access to view successful applications where the lead Chief Investigator has provided consent.

Applications must be viewed in hard copy in the Research Services office or by arrangement at HMRI on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

How to Arrange to View a Successful Application

Contact to request access to view successful applications for a specific scheme. Please include preferred date(s), time(s) and location.

Confirmation of the date, time and venue will be provided to you by Research Services staff.

Tools for Completing Your Application

Confidentiality and IP

Please note: In past rounds, the ARC warranted confidentiality. The Funding Rules now state "the ARC gives no undertaking to keep confidential any information provided in the Proposal except where required by law."

Due to this change we recommend that if submitting a research project with potential IP which could be patented/exploited or involves an Industry Partner which requires confidentiality, applicants should insert the following sentence at the start of the Project Description within their application:

"The following project is disclosed to the ARC in confidence for the purpose only of applying for ARC Funding."

Useful Information for preparing your applications

Australian Taxation Office Allowances