Information on how to access the EMX unit server.

Server Access

Connecting to the EM/X-Ray Unit server

The unit has its own server for data storage from our instruments. You will need to be issued with a username and password by unit staff for the new system.

To connect to our server from a Windows 2000/XP PC:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and click Tools, Map network drive. The next available drive is shown
  2. Enter the path to the server e.g. \\\username
  3. Click on Connect using a different user name if your user name and password for the EM/X-Ray server is different to your local pc logon.
  4. Click on finish and the mapped drive should now appear in the list in the Explorer window.

Please note: You have full access to your data so if you delete it, it has GONE!

File formats

All EM images are tiff files and should be able to be imported into any imaging or word processor software.

EDS spectra printouts are saved as windows clipboard files eg. sp1.clp

To use these files first start the windows clipboard viewer, clipbrd.exe, then open the files in the clipboard viewer. To paste the graphic into a document use the Edit, Paste special, picture option in the menu bar of you application. The spectra can then be resized without distortion. To paste the caption for the spectra use Paste special, text.