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Extending your time on Exchange
Application to Enrol in a course after the Census Date
Centrelink Payments

Extending your time on Exchange

If you are currently overseas and you wish to extend your exchange studies, you need to meet the basic criteria:

  • Your overall total time at the overseas institution will not be greater than two semesters
  • You are not graduating in your program during the period of your exchange.

If you fulfil the above, please complete the following steps:

Step 1 – Submit Outbound Exchange Extension form.

Step 2 - Contact your overseas advisor/Study Abroad office for permission to extend your exchange, visa requirements, and Overseas Health Cover.

The overseas advisor may ask for an official letter from the International office. If you require an official letter, download and send the Exchange Confirmation Letter  to This letter will be signed and stamped by the International Office and returned to your student email.

Step 3 – Negotiate Credit . Credit relates to your academic goals, therefore all enquiries should be directed to your Program Officer or overseas advisor.

Step 4 – Request enrolment in Special Exchange Codes

Step 5 – Request additional OS-HELP loan

Step 6 - Purchase additional Travel / Health Insurance

Note: The University's Travel policy covers enrolled students going overseas on University business for up to 180 days only. The University travel insurance does not extend to any personal travel.

Application to Enrol in a course after the Census Date

If you can no longer access MyHub or if it is past the Census date 31 March / 31 August, the University needs to complete an Application to Enrol in a Course after the Census Date.

To have your enrolment amended you are required to complete the following:

  1. Complete this online form to the international office.
  2. Contact, using the following format in the subject line: "Enrolment after Census Date - Your Name and Student Number". Example "Enrolment after Census Date – Jane Smith, c3110000".

The International Office will complete an Application to Enrol in a Course after the Census Date and forward it to your Program Officer. After the form has been approved, the Enrolments Section at Newcastle will amend your enrolment. Note, we understand that your enrolment may be urgent, however it may take a number of weeks for this process to take effect.

If your centrelink payments have been cut off while you are overseas:

  1. Check you have enrolled in the Special Exchange Codes
  2. Provide Centrelink with an Exchange Confirmation Letter and signed credit agreement