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Returning home

student on exchange

Welcome Home! We hope you had an amazing experience

Now that you have returned from overseas, there may be a few things you need to sort out such as your credit, completing your compulsory online evaluation and joining the University of Newcastle Exchange Student Network (UNESN).

Completing the Credit Process

After you have returned home, your overseas transcript may be sent to your home address or to the University of Newcastle's Global Office.

Please check with your overseas university, when and how you will receive the transcript. If your overseas record is sent to the Global Office, we will scan the record and send it to your Program Advisor to finalise your credit and email you for collection. If it is sent directly to you, please bring it into the Global Office so we can send it to your Program Advisor.

If it is sent electronically, please ask the overseas university to send it to If the electronic transcript is sent directly to you and is a secured transcript – please forward on to

Note: Transcripts from overseas universities may not be sent if you have outstanding debts at the overseas location. If you do not receive your transcript in the advised time period, please contact the overseas institution directly.

Overseas grades do not transfer onto your Newcastle student record. Credit will be recorded on your transcript as a completed course providing you are successful in your overseas studies.

Share your experience

Now that you have returned home, we would love to hear about your time overseas:

  • Complete the compulsory online evaluation (Note: Conditions for receiving a travel grant / scholarship includes that you submit this online evaluation)
  • Share your experiences on our student travel blog - Global Traveller

University of Newcastle Exchange Student Network (UNESN)

The UNESN student club was created in 2013 with the aim of bringing together students who have previously been on a semester exchange. As a recently returned student you will be able to join UNESN to help promote exchange opportunities to others as well as meet other likeminded students through a range of different fun and social activities and events.

Like them on Facebook to find out about future events and your next chance to become a member of UNESN.