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Bluejuice at Bar on the Hill

7pm Thursday, 23rd Oct 2014

One of our fav live bands, Bluejuice have announced that they are ending it. BUT before they say farewell for good, they're embarking on a final tour ...

Allday at Bar on the Hill

7pm Wednesday, 5th Nov 2014

Stress Less Week happens in week 13 and is designed to help you 'take-five' before exams. Wednesday, 5 of November promises to be a super special stre...

Doktorklub Religion and Radicalism postgraduate seminar series

Doktorklub postgraduate seminar series presents Amir Moghadam

1pm Wednesday, 12th Nov 2014

The Doktorklub postgraduate seminar series presents Amir Moghadam: A Hauntology: The Spectre of the Sacred Past and the Muslim Present.Part of th...