Student parking permits are available for purchase from the online shop. Permits are available for the full year or half year.

Student parking permits

Student parking permits allow you to park only in spaces marked General at our Newcastle campus at Callaghan. Please note that buying a permit allows you to park at the Callaghan campus and it can be easier than finding the right coins every time you visit but a permit does note guarantee that a space will be available.

Student parking permits cannot be used to park in spaces identified as Staff, Disabled, Reserved or Service bays. Parking in Carpooling bays is only allowed if accompanied by a carpooling permit.

Permits should be clearly displayed on the inside lower left hand side of your windscreen and is transferable between vehicles. Traffic and parking rules apply.

How to get a permit

  1. Login to our Online Shop
  2. Follow the steps to purchase your permit
  3. Print your order
  4. Take your order to one of the Student Hubs, along with your student identification card as proof of your identity to receive your permit

Types of permits

You can purchase either an annual or half yearly permit.

The annual permit is valid from 1 January to 31 December and permits are only valid in the year of issue.

Annual permit cost - $157.50

Half yearly permits can be purchased for semester one (valid 1 January to 30 June) or semester two (valid 1 July to 31 December). Permits for semester two are on sale from mid June.

Half yearly permit cost - $78.70