The Centre for Teaching and Learning supports staff who are new to teaching, with resources, services and professional development.

New to teaching

Certificate of Uni AssessmentThe Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) supports all new teaching staff in their pursuit of teaching excellence and learning success. Whether you are an early career academic, sessional staff member or you have recently come to teach at the University of Newcastle, our orientation and induction programs will provide you with the information you need to teach at UoN.

New Faculty Orientation (NFO)

This program is held annually at the beginning of the academic year and is an integral part of CTL's induction and support of all UoN teaching staff.

NFO aims to familiarise new teaching staff with our unique learning environment and provide opportunities for professional development, networking and collegiality. The program involves practical workshop sessions, specific faculty information and social events.

The NFO program is a probationary requirement for most new academic appointments. See our NFO dates.

Teaching Essentials

This one-day program is held at the beginning of each semester for teaching academics to become familiar with the curricular systems of UoN and also with the expectations that are inherent with the teaching role.

Topics include communication systems, the virtual learning environment, teaching spaces and policies, grants and awards, course outlines, grading and assessment. See our Teaching Essentials dates.

Certificate Programs

Once you've found your feet as a teacher, CTL offers additional certificate programs so you can build on your teaching skills. We are currently running a Fundamentals of Teaching Certificate and a Certificate in University Assessment.

Ongoing teaching support

CTL supports academic staff with teaching resources, professional development and advice throughout the year. We can meet with you to discuss any issues or ideas you may have or even come and facilitate training for your faculty or school. See teaching and learning support information.