The University of Newcastle, Australia

Teachers and Parents

Teachers and parents play a very important role in helping students select a university, decide which degree to complete and make the transition from school to university.

At the University of Newcastle we have a dedicated team to help you support students during this critical time of their lives.

Career advisers, teachers and principals are key partners in providing clear higher education options for prospective students. Our Future Students team is here to connect you with UON. As well as our range of services below, please contact us anytime for other requests to help introduce UON and university study to your students.


A campus tour

Campus tours

We run tours of our campuses to familiarise your students with our facilities and student life. These tours are usually for year 10 students and are generally run towards the end of the year. See our key dates for scheduled dates. If you can't make one of these dates or have requests for students from other years, there is also the option to join our general campus walking tours.

A UON student on campus

Speaker visits

We can arrange for a speaker to visit your school to talk about any aspect of university. Topics can range from career paths, student experience to degree options. This is usually for selected regions only but we will consider all requests.

School students at our Open Day

Events for students

We hold a range of on-campus events to provide your students with information about studying at UON. These events include school visits days, advisory days and open days.

Two students consider their future

Events for you

We have specific events just for career advisers and teachers to provide a chance to work together to provide a better experience for students when researching and selecting higher education options.

Tools and resources

We have a range of tools and resources to help you introduce university study and UON to students. You can also order copies of promotional material to give to students.

Advice and support

We are just a phone call or email away for your questions about university and study. We are also happy to come and visit you to meet face-to-face.

We help parents in supporting students to select a university and transition from school to the higher education environment.

Going to university will open the door to a world of opportunity. A university degree usually increases career possibilities and leads to better jobs and higher pay.

At the University of Newcastle (UON), we offer more than 90 undergraduate degrees and have 40,206 students across our three main campuses in Newcastle, the Central Coast and Port Macquarie. We also have a presence in Singapore, Sydney and five regional centres in Australia.

Our students are taught by teachers and researchers who are leaders in their fields. Students also have access to the latest technology and purpose-built facilities.

The final years of secondary school can be stressful for your son or daughter. There are many ways you can help to maximise their success in the HSC and set them up for a bright future. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Help them master successful study by supporting them to set up a space where they can study free from distraction.
  • Help them cope with stress by encouraging sleep, exercise and proper planning for assignments and exams.
  • Support them through exams periods with encouragement and help asking revision questions.

When your son or daughter is at university we provide a range of information, workshops and resources to help students with study skills, referencing, plus lots more.

Career planning while at school

  • Have a discussion about the courses and careers that interest them.
  • Encourage them to gain work experience in their field of interest to learn about a particular job.
  • Encourage them to attend information sessions and careers planning events at their school.
  • Encourage them to attend events on campus and talk with current university students and staff.
  • Help them with online searches for the most up-to-date information and course booklets.

Choosing a degree

  • Get them to look through the range of degrees offered by a few different universities to get a sense of what is available in fields that interest them.
  • Look through the UON degrees with your son or daughter to see what we offer.
  • Help them research the career prospects for different degrees by reading job advertisements online and in newspapers, looking at things such as the number of positions, salaries and working hours. Many job advertisements also include required degree qualifications.

University is quite different to school. University students have much more flexibility and independence than school students.

Your son or daughter will need to manage their own time and learning at university - from taking responsibility for their timetable and getting assignments in on time, to seeking help from lecturers and tutors when they need it. Full-time university students need to allocate around 40 hours a week to study, depending on their degree.

Tips for easing the transition

  • Chat about what they are looking forward to, what their concerns are and how you can help them in the adjustment period.
  • Be aware that their university experience is a balance between studying and socialising.
  • Encourage them to develop new friendships, join student groups and get connected with what is happening on their campus.
  • Respect their subject choices, while checking they understand how their chosen subjects lead to their desired pathway.

We have a range of information events to learn more about our degrees and study at UON. As a parent you could attend the following events with your son or daughter:

Open Days

Attending one of our on-campus open days with your son and daughter is highly recommended. We hold these events in August each year and they are a great opportunity to visit the campus, view our facilities and talk to current students and staff about degrees and study options.

Info Sessions

Info Sessions are held each year for students who want to talk face-to-face with our staff about UAC preferences, degrees and other entry options. They are usually held in May and December.

See our full list of information events.

We provide a range of printed and digital publications about study at UON.