Research Financial System (RFS)

In 2017, UON introduced the Research Financial System (RFS). RFS collates information from the Research Services database (RIMS) and TechnologyOne into one easy to use dashboard within the UON finance system - TechnologyOne. This enables researchers, Heads of School, Faculty PVCs and support staff to view the allocated budgets, expenditure and commitments for the full life of their research projects.

RFS Training and Guidance

Self-learning resources are available within Discover > TechnologyOne – Research Financial System.

What is different?

The key changes and benefits are:

  • In Jan 2017 Cost Collectors (10.8xxxx) were replaced by the Grant Number (G1xxxxxx). The Grant Number (G Number) is assigned by the Research Grants Office at the time of application submission or upon establishment of the grant. The Grant Number will be the account number for funded research grants and is used for all research grant related expenses such as credit card charges, staff appointments and TechnologyOne Purchase Orders.
  • A Mappings Reference Guide now appears in RFS on every menu for Individual Grants, School, Faculty and Organisational menus.

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This tool will assist you to find which:

o G Number replaced a 10.8xxx cost collector, including any extension to the Grant end date
o Account codes link to the RFS (BLI) categories
o New account codes replace old account codes

  • Researchers can view existing G numbers on their UON web profile under the ‘Grants and Funding’ tab by clicking on the relevant project
  • RFS will show budgets at category level (personnel, travel, consumables etc.) which align to the awarded budgets such as ARC, NHMRC budget. The Category (BLI) will align with specific UON account codes.
  • RFS shows multiyear commitments and details of staff appointments
  • All UON researchers named on a research grant will have access to view the grant in RFS.
  • Researchers can give access to a Professional Staff member by listing them on the Grant Establishment Form (DOC) when establishing the grant.
  • Alerts will be generated within the TechOne alerts dashboard and also distributed via email to research grant CIs, Heads of School and Faculty PVCs. The RFS alerts are triggered by a number of budget related scenarios. Examples of the RFS dashboard, views and reports are available.

New feature in 2018: Strict end date field

  • Grants can be classified as having a strict or a non-strict end date, depending on the Funding Body requirements.
  • If the end date is strict, RFS will not allow funding to be accessed after the project end date has passed.
    • e.g. the agreement requires all funds to be spent in accordance with a specified budget or requires the return of unspent funds, ARC, NHMRC.

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  • If the end date is not strict, the end date in RFS will be the project end date + 3 years, allowing continued access to funds beyond the project end date.
    • e.g. grants where there is no requirement to return unspent funds, no financial acquittal reporting.
  • New grants will be assessed as strict/non-strict when they are established. For existing grants, please send an email from the lead CI to and Research Grants Office staff will review the grant.

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Why do we Need RFS?

  • Historical audit issues have resulted in UON needing to improve financial controls to ensure that we are compliant with Funding Body rules.
  • For the project life of a Grant provide a collaborative, user-friendly and accurate solution to view the $ balances available to be expended by:
    o Researchers and Heads of School for decision making,
    o Professional staff in administration tasks,
    o Faculty Heads to monitor financial performance; and
    Research and Innovation Services, Financial Services and Human Resource Services staff in providing support.

How Can I Access RFS?

  • All UON Chief Investigators (CIs) named on the grant within RIMS are able to access and view the information within RFS as long as they are a registered user of TechnologyOne.
  • Researchers can give access to a Professional Staff member to view the grant in RFS by listing them on the Grant Establishment Form when establishing the grant. For existing grants please send an email from the lead CI to requesting access for Professional Staff.
  • Heads of School, PVCs and their delegated authorities will be able to access and view the information relating to all grants within their faculty or school as long as they are registered users of TechnologyOne.
  • To add a new user account or modify your existing access to TechnologyOne Financials or RFS (Research Financial System) you are now able to complete your request electronically online using the ServiceUON portal.

Who Can I Contact for Assistance?

For research grant related questions please contact:

T: (02) 4921 7733

For general system assistance and financial inquiries, please visit serviceUON.