The University of Newcastle, Australia

Research Higher Degrees in the Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education

CEEHE is committed to providing a supportive and dynamic environment for research development—by fostering peer support networks, enabling access to leading international scholars in the field (through visiting Professor programs and collaborations with overseas institutions and networks), and providing opportunities to enter new spaces of scholarship under the mentorship of supervisors and other CEEHE staff.

Research Higher Degree students are an integral part of CEEHE's community of praxis and contribute to our research outputs and impact. Our current cohort represent a range of disciplines, methodologies, and modes of study, focussed on issues of social justice and equity in higher education.

CEEHE welcomes expressions of interest from potential RHD candidates from across disciplines, at PhD or Masters level, in line with the University’s eligibility requirements and application processes.

Mode of study

Research—Full time (PhD or Masters level)

Aligning with CEEHE's principles and commitment to social justice, candidates undertake new research to address issues of  equity in higher education and life-long learning.

Praxis—Part-time (PhD or Masters level) combined with equity practice

Aligning with CEEHE’s commitment to praxis based frameworks, PhD candidates are supported to embed higher-degree level research in their field of practice and complete a PhD (generally by publication) alongside their work.

Applying for a Research Higher Degree

If you would like to find out more about Research Higher Degrees with CEEHE please contact us on the details below.

  • You can learn more about applying for a Research Higher Degree at UON here.
  • You can learn more about available RHD scholarships here.

Current PhD Students

Ms Evonne Irwin

Associate Lecturer
Learning and Teaching

Identities, power relations and mis/recognitions of 'Third Space' professionals in higher education work contexts

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Ms Kate Mellor

Research Assistant

Decolonising the ‘mind’ through (re)conceptualisations of knowledge: student engagement with Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander knowledges in higher education.

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Mrs Kristen Allen

Program Convenor
Learning and Teaching

The stories behind the figures: successes occurring for enabling students that the data isn’t showing. Is it time to revisit the definition of ‘success’ in higher education to be more inclusive?.

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Ms Sharon Smith

Newstep Teacher
Learning and Teaching

(Re) Constructing the Invisible: Religious and Gendered Subjectivities in Higher Educational Spaces - Aspiration, Access and Impact.

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Associate Lecturer

Rediscovering science: Transitions and success in STEM studies for students entering university via alternative pathways.

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Belinda Munn

Belinda Munn

Home, Hope and the Gatekeepers of Life Long Learning.

Mr Matt Lumb

Associate Director

Re/cognising the fr/Ames of university equity outreach: A cautionary tale of unintended consequences in Australian Equity and Widening Participation policy, practice and evaluation.

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