Information regarding TechnologyOne Financials for University of Newcastle Researchers

Research Advantage

Financial Reporting

Within TechnologyOne Financials a researcher workplace has been developed to assist researchers with the financial management of their research grants. 

This workplace has a financial summary and detailed report of cost collectors for first named researchers as listed in the Research Office database. 

See instructions below or download the Research Reporting through the Alerts/Announcements Tab document (PDF 167KB).

Research Reporting through the Alerts/Announcements Tab 

Note: The Action menu on the top of the Technology One application will allow you to change Page Layouts.

Step One:

Log onto Technology One Financials*

Step Two:

  1. The following screen shots show the Main Menu Tab of Technology One Financials. Click on the Alerts/Announcements Tab to the right of the Main Menu Tab. 
  2. The traffic lights indicate a surplus surplus indicator or a deficit deficit indicator against the Cost Collectors.
  3. Simply click on the underline blue text to enter the required Cost Collector report (RF01 Report).

Finance Cost Centre by Major Report Group

Step Three:

Below is an example of a Cost Collector Research Report

Research Cost Collector Income Statement - Year to Date 

Step Four:

There is also access to the Faculty/Division Reports in Technology One Financials. Some reports that would be of interest are listed below:

  1. CC01 - Cost Collector - Year to Date
  2. LP01 - Ledger Print - Transactions Report

To run these reports click the Run button and enter the details required. 

An example below shows how to run the CC01 - Cost Collecotr - Year to Date Report. 

Cost Collector Reports - CC01 Cost Collector - Year to Date

  1. Select the report link in Technology One Financials. The report will open in MS Excel XLOne. 
  2. From the Toolbar  select the Run icon. This will display the list of criteria required to run the report. Enter the appropriate criteria and click Run

Note: For the example, the input required in this dialog bx is either an Organisational Level or Entity/Cost Collector.

The Organisational Level can be selected from a pick list by clicking on the spy glass icon.
The Entity/Cost Collector is to be entered in the format, for example, 1010047
The Cost Collector Type can be selected from a drop down menu.
The report will be output according to the report parameters. This generally produces another worksheet within the file with the output from the report.
The destination of the output can be changed.

For a printable version of these instructions, please download the Research Reporting through the Alerts/Announcements Tab document (PDF 167KB).

For Systems Support in running the Reports from Technology One Financials contact or Ext 18640.

For more details on accessing Technology One download the PDF Guide titles 'How do I access Technology One Financials (PDF 54 KB).

For assistance accessing the reports please contact Karen Southwell via email or phone on (02) 4921 7098.

If you require a Financial Report to be submitted to a Funding Body please contact the Research Accounting Team within Financial Services.

*To register for the use of Technology One Financials complete the registration form (PDF 94 KB) and in the box titled 'Workplace/Role' please write 'UON Researcher'.