Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources


Resource Productivity and Efficiency

Solutions to important problems facing our minerals, gas and water resource sectors.

Energy Technologies and Utilisation

Driven by economic and environmental challenges with the goal of increasing  efficiency and reducing greenhouse gases.

Advanced Materials for Energy Applications

Significant potential for the next generation of low cost, sustainable energy applications.

Land use, Social Impacts and Sustainability

Focused on the balance between environment, community and economic activity within energy and resource intensive regions.

NIER is a multidisciplinary model for critical research in energy and resources, and is engaged in research for:

Safe, new methods of managing ventilation air methane (VAM) generated by underground coal mines

The reduction of energy and water consumption in industries including coal and mineral processing

The reduction of carbon emissions through next generation carbon capture and storage technologies

Improved efficiency in power generation

Smarter, more efficient grids for distributed electricity generation

Climate change variability and adaption

Alternative energy sources, including geothermal and polymer solar cells

Geoscience contributing to sustainability in minerals and energy processing and exploration

The social dimension of energy and resource management

Innovative, customised solutions for industry to positively impact their triple bottom line