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Mr Rod Lukatelich

Mr Rod LukatelichMr Lukatelich has established a career spanning academia, environmental consulting and industrial-environmental management. From 1982 – 1989 Mr Lukatelich held the position of Lecturer and Research Officer with the Centre for Water Research at the University of Western Australia where he studied the impacts of eutrophication on algae and seagrasses in lakes and estuaries, developed of ecological models and examined the relationships between hydrodynamics and water quality in reservoirs, rivers and estuaries.

In 1989 Mr Lukatelich joined Kinhill Engineers as Senior Aquatic Ecologist before moving to BP’s oil refinery in Kwinana, WA as Environmental Manager in1990.

Throughout his career with BP Mr Lukatelich’s was responsible for leading a team of environmental engineers, coordinating environmental management systems, monitoring and reporting emissions, and managing wastewater treatment.

Mr Lukatelich played a significant role in coordinating environmental impacts assessments for major projects, overseeing solid waste management, groundwater production, soil and remediation, dangerous goods management, and major hazardous facility safety reports.

Supporting BP’s global refining businesses, Mr Lukatelich continued to expand his technical skills in secondment positions that included the roles of Senior Environmental Technologist from 1995–97 and as Water Technology Advisor from 2004–06 where he gained experience in contaminated site assessment and remediation.

Having completed major contaminated site remediation projects in Asia, Europe the Americas and the Middle East, Mr Lukatelich has broad understanding and extensive experience in navigating environmental regulatory systems.

Recognised for his academic merit Mr Lukatelich has published more than 50 refereed papers and book chapters on environmental science and is a Director of the Board of the University of Newcastle’s global research centre CRC CARE Pty Ltd.

Continuing to expand his advisory efforts Mr Lukatelich is a member of CSIRO’s Energy Strategic Advisory Committee and Ocean and Atmosphere Strategic Advisory Committee; he Chairs the Great Australian Bight Research Program Management Committee, and is a former member of the Environmental Protection Authority of Western Australia.