Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources

About Us

The Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER) was established with a clear agenda, to provide a multidisciplinary model for transformational research in energy and resources. Driven by a vision of global leadership, NIER addresses challenges of the rapidly emerging issues of resource sustainability, productivity and competitiveness associated with energy and resources infrastructure.

Bringing together the University of Newcastle's leading researchers working in the area of energy and resources, the NIER precinct at the Callaghan campus is an integrated facility, which provides valuable opportunities to advance research through access to large-scale test bed and pilot plant operations.

Through the collaboration of industry and academia, NIER aims to deliver solutions that contribute to the sustainability of resources and the environment and address rapidly emerging issues including critical resource sustainability, the transformation of the energy system, and national productivity.

A critical element of our success is a commitment to quality engagement with our partners, developing the collective capacity to facilitate technological advancements whilst maintaining environmental and economic stability.

The multidisciplinary research capacity of NIER successfully positions the institute to focus holistically on efficient next generation energy and resources production and distribution solutions aligned with the energy reform agenda of government, industry and the community. By harnessing the expertise of our world-class researchers and facilities, and through collaboration with national and global partners, we look forward to contributing to the innovations that will both meet our sustainability targets and shape our energy future.

Led by Director, Professor Alan Broadfoot, NIER is funded with the assistance of a $30million Australian Government grant and is supported by the NSW Government.