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Journal Articles

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International Studies in Widening Participation

CEEHE hosts the International Studies in Widening Participation. The Journal is edited by Dr Anna Bennett and co-edited by Professor Penny Jane Burke.

Teaching in Higher Education

Professor Burke is editor of the Taylor & Francis international peer-reviewed journal Teaching in Higher Education.

The latest issue is a Special Issue addressing the theme: Gender, Post-truth Populism and Higher Education Pedagogies. This theme will also be explored at the December 2018 Gender and Education Association conference, to be held in Newcastle.

Research Reports

Threadgold, S. Burke, PJ. Bunn, M. (2018), Struggles and Strategies: Does social class matter in Higher Education? Report prepared for the Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education, University of Newcastle, Australia. ISBN-978-0-9945381-9-2

Burke, PJ, Bennett, A, Bunn, M, Stevenson, J, Clegg, S (2017), It’s About Time: Working towards more equitable understandings of the impact of time for students in higher education, University of Newcastle, Australia. ISBN-978-0-9945381-5-4

Burke, PJ, Bennett, A, Burgess, C, Gray, K, Southgate, E (2016), Capability, Belonging and Equity in Higher Education: Developing inclusive approaches, University of Newcastle, Australia. ISBN-978-0-9945381-1-6

Bennett, A, Motta, SC, Hamilton, E, Burgess, C, Relf, B, Gray, K, Leroy-Dyer, S, and Albright, J (2016), Enabling Pedagogies: A participatory conceptual mapping of practices at the University of Newcastle, Australia, University of Newcastle, Australia. ISBN-978-0-9945381-7-8

Atherton, G, Dumangane, C, and Whitty, G (2016), Charting Equity in Higher Education: Drawing the Global Access Map, London: Pearson ISBN: 978-0-992-42574-6

Equity Initiatives in Australian Higher Education: A Review of Evidence of Impact

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Widening Participation in Higher Education: International Perspectives
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Widening Participation in Higher Education: International Perspectives

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