The University of Newcastle, Australia

Visiting Vietnamese Delegation

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

UON's Centre for Water, Climate and Land (CWCL) has been awarded an Australian Awards Fellowship: 'Strengthening Capacity for Innovation in Agriculture/Fisheries and Rural Development in Vietnam'.

Visiting Vietnamese Delegation

This Australian Award Fellowship was awarded to a collaboration of researchers from University of Tasmania (UTAS), University of Newcastle (UON) and University of Queensland (UQ).  The Fellowship provided the opportunity for 22 departmental leaders from the Vietnamese Ministry for Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) to visit and network with Australian researchers, farmers, state government and commercial organisations to facilitate education and knowledge transfer.

The Vietnamese delegates and host organisations worked together to develop a framework of cooperation between UTAS/UON/UQ researchers and MARD that will operate from 2015-2020. The collaboration will deliver capacity development for MARD leaders to support innovation in agriculture, aquaculture, fisheries and water resources management.

UON's Centre for Water, Climate and Land (CWCL) was established to conduct internationally relevant research on climate, water and land/soil in order to address industry needs and guide policy development in sustainable resource management. CWCL is hosting the visiting fellows at the University of Newcastle from 18-29 March 2015.

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