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Lyndall Ryan Awarded ARC Discovery Projects

Friday, 8 November 2013

Prof Lyndall Ryan and Dr Jonathan Richards have been awarded an ARC Discovery Project 2013-2016, $289,000.00. Violence on the Australian Colonial Frontier, 1788-1960

Lyndall Ryan
Lyndall Ryan

Violence on the Australian Colonial Frontier, 1788-1960

Prof Lyndall Ryan, and Dr Jonathan Richards (UQ) 

2013-2016 ARC funded project, $289,000.00

How many Aborigines and settlers were killed on the Australian frontier? Were they mostly killed in ones and twos or in mass killings? How can we know? These questions are of first national importance in understanding the past. This project takes a fresh approach to frontier violence by employing new analytical methods to investigate the complex array of sources to produce new estimates of casualties 1788 to 1960. The findings will be made available in online maps and transform our understanding of the ongoing trauma of frontier violence that persists in Australian society today

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