The University of Newcastle, Australia

ARC Discovery Projects funding success 2016

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Professor Graeme Murch, Professor Irina Belova,  Professor Dr Andreas Meyer and Professor Zi-Kui Liu have been awarded $325,000 in ARC Discovery Project funding commencing in 2016 for their research project Investigation of Thermotransport in Liquid Metal Alloys.

Australian Research Council (ARC)

This project aims to improve understanding of thermotransport to support the use of liquid metal allows in manufacture and energy transfer. The coupled flow of heat and mass (thermotransport) rapidly produces segregation in liquid metal alloys in a temperature gradient. This is a major problem in optimising the solidification from melts in manufacturing and for the design of liquid alloys for transfer of heat. Thermotransport is very poorly understood. The project aims to achieve an understanding of the process through a combination of new theory, corresponding new experiments and advanced computer simulations. This would be a major advance in the area, supporting the development of new systems to prevent segregation.

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