The University of Newcastle, Australia

Award winning film to address domestic violence

Thursday, 24 November 2016

The University of Newcastle (UON) has invited local organisations to attend the screening of an award winning short film this White Ribbon Day to explore the role that higher education can play in furthering national discussions on the issue of domestic and family violence.

Still Waters Director Timur Bernard

Directed by UK filmmaker, Timur Bernard, Still Waters draws upon personal reflections of his family’s experience with domestic violence and was awarded at the Monaco International Film Festival in 2013.

“My mother experienced the trauma of domestic violence and this was something that shaped my desire to express through film the complexities around this issue and to challenge some of the misconceptions that are often made,” he explained.

“We must understand as a collective why this is a social phenomenon that continues to challenge our families and communities at all levels and in all societies. Film can play an important role in creating a space for conversation around complex and perplexing human issues,” he added.

The event is being hosted by UON’s Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education (CEEHE) to engage professionals in a national discussion on how higher education can contribute to ending family and domestic violence.

CEEHE Director and mother of the filmmaker, Professor Penny Jane Burke, said education and tertiary institutions can play a transformative role for people who have experienced or are currently experiencing domestic or family violence

“As a survivor I have deep insights into the complexity of this issue that continue to shape my perspectives and commitment to gender equity. Higher education and schools have a social responsibility to investigate the root causes of domestic violence,” she added.

“I strongly believe that providing men and women with high quality educational opportunities can help overcome life trauma. Our event marks CEEHE’s intent to work collaboratively with existing agencies in the community to develop a framework around domestic violence that provides survivors with support and resources to re-enter education and the workforce,” she said.

The Still Waters film screening is being held on Friday November 25 at the LockUp from 4:30pm.

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