The University of Newcastle, Australia

ARC Discovery Projects funding success 2016

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Associate Professor Christopher Kellett, Professor Dr Lars Gruene and Associate Professor Sigurdur Hafstein been awarded $440,000 in ARC Discovery Project funding commencing in 2016 for their research project Activating Lyapunov-Based Feedback - Nonsmooth Control Lyapunov Functions.

Australian Research Council (ARC)

This project aims to provide a novel high-performance feedback control design methodology, applicable in a wide range of areas from power to aerospace to biological systems. A general approach of feedback design based on so-called Lyapunov methods has been available for many years. However, this approach has suffered from several drawbacks including the inability to account for constrained system actions (eg where certain system variables must remain within certain constraints) and the inability to specify desired system performance. This project intends to leverage recent developments in Lyapunov methods, including novel numerical techniques, to develop a high-performance feedback control methodology for nonlinear dynamical systems competitive with the best currently available techniques.

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