Dr Gillian Arrighi awarded Fellowship

Monday, 26 March 2018

Dr Gillian Arrighi has been awarded the Robert Gould Shaw Fellowship for the Harvard Theatre Collection.

Gillian Arrighi

Dr Gillian Arrighi is Senior Lecturer in the School of Creative Industries and a researcher in the Centre for 21st Century Humanities. Gillian has received a multitude of prestigious research awards throughout her career, the most recent being the Robert Gould Shaw Fellowship for the Harvard Theatre Collection at Harvard’s Houghton Library for 2018-2019. She was selected as one of just 27 out of 144 applications for this award.

Gillian will take up her Visiting Fellowship at Harvard University where she will undertake research at the Harvard Theatre Collection in support of her current book project. Titled Pinafores, Prodigies and Precocities: child actors on trans-national stages, the book brings to light the extraordinary contribution of child performers to global theatrical circuits at the turn of the twentieth century. This trans-national study focuses on the entertainment industry hubs of New York City, London, Melbourne and Sydney. Commissioning editors from several leading international academic presses have expressed interest in publishing the book.

Harvard University’s Houghton Library provides a support network of staff members who work with research fellows to foster an intellectual community around the library and its holdings. Further opportunities are also available for fellows to publish their research in publications under the auspice of Harvard University, and to propose a guest-curated exhibition at the library. Dr Arrighi’s Visiting Fellowship will extend over 4 or more weeks and she’ll take it up in the second half of 2018.

“The Harvard Theatre Collection’s holdings spanning the genres of drama, comic opera/musical comedy, circus, and variety/vaudeville are amongst the most extensive in the world. I feel very honoured to receive this prestigious award. It will support me to complete research about the trans-Atlantic theatre industry – research that is crucial to the completion of my book.” Dr Arrighi said.

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