The University of Newcastle, Australia

August Medical Research Commercialistaion Fund meeting update

Friday, 29 November 2019

NI's Health Business Development Mangager, Dr David Fox, attended the August Medical Research Commercialisation Fund (MRCF) meeting in Wellington, NZ.

A row of test tubes filled with dark liquid

The MRCF provides venture capital-style seed and early stage funding to innovative research to support its commercialisation. MRCF members include leading medical research institutes from Australia and New Zealand, which peer review the investment proposals made by researchers at those institutions. Several of the successful MRCF supported research has led to the formation of companies that have listed on the Australian stock exchange.

Along with the ability to support applications from HMRI-based researchers, attending the MRCF allows NI to engage with the representatives from the MRCF medical research institutes from Australia and New Zealand along with Brandon Capital Group, the well-respected life sciences fund manager. Involvement with the MRCF has already led to collaborative research for our researchers with more opportunities expected in the future.

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