HSC Students Sign up for Early Entry

Wednesday, 17 May 2023

High school students will have access to more support for their HSC, with the University of Newcastle launching an Early Entry Program that will offer students new resources, mentorship and peer support, once they have submitted an application to study at the University.

A mother and daughter smile and look at each other
Sonya and Chelsea Cameron

The Early Entry Program will allow year 12 students from NSW and the ACT who are completing the Higher School Certificate or International Baccalaureate to apply for early entry.

Vice Chancellor, Professor Alex Zelinsky AO said, “We know the HSC can be a really challenging time for some students. We want to reassure students that there is a place for everyone at our University.”

“Our Early Entry Program will be sector leading and will give students access to a range of support including student mentors, HSC tips and webinars, past exam papers and invitations to VIP University of Newcastle events.

“We hope our new Early Entry Program will help students to feel more confident and supported during the HSC.

“We know that students can benefit from talking to someone who has been through the experience before, so mentors will contact applicants to provide support and advice throughout the year.

“Applicants will also have access to leadership programs and free University preparation courses (NUprep) with early offer recipients encouraged to complete at least one course.”

Elermore Vale mother, Sonya Cameron, said early entry would help to ease the stress her daughter Chelsea was feeling with the HSC and give her certainty that she would be able to remain at home while she studied at university.

“Chelsea already knows that she wants to be an Occupational Therapist, so early entry for her is not just about getting into university but securing a pathway to her preferred profession,” Sonya said.

"She’s worked hard the past couple of years and early entry into University of Newcastle will mean she’s less concerned about having to apply to different universities and she can just concentrate on doing the best she can in the HSC.”

Chelsea explained how an early offer would help to relieve some of the pressure of the exams.

“Receiving an early offer will alleviate some of the pressure associated with the HSC exams and allow me to maintain a healthy life balance through the exam period.

“It will help me to approach every exam with confidence and reassurance – with less pressure placed on the exam I will be able to concentrate more on achieving the best score and outcome for the HSC.”

Year 12 students can apply for early entry by visiting www.newcastle.edu.au/early. Entry will be determined based on Year 11 results plus completion of the HSC. Students will receive offers in September just ahead of HSC exams (previously offers commenced in November).

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