The University of Newcastle, Australia

How to work out your career and study choices

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

If you're looking for help in making career and study choices, and wondered which degrees lead to what careers, then you'll want to check out our online resource Prepare for Uni.

Our Careers Service team has developed a fantastic online tool for future uni students of all ages and backgrounds who are wanting some direction and help about making career and study choices.

Prepare for Uni will take you through a series of modules that'll prompt you to think hard about your personal interests, skills and goals, and help you realise a balance needs to exist between doing something you enjoy and doing something that you're good at.You'll be able to explore the career options that are available to you based upon the knowledge, skills and interests that you currently have, and use our Degree to Careers matching tool to work out what you need to study to get the career you want.

Find out more about your career and study options by using Prepare for Uni