The University of Newcastle, Australia

Reminder: Same-sex marriage postal survey

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Dear UON students and staff,

Since its inception, UON has had a long history of supporting inclusion in higher education and celebrating diversity. I know we are proud that our university is a community where discrimination and harassment have no place.

As an academic institution, we are also absolutely committed to the right of all of the members of our University community to participate in the democratic process.

You will be aware that the Government has recently announced it will hold a postal survey on whether Australian marriage law should be changed so that same-sex couples can marry. If you do want to vote then your details will need to be listed correctly on the Australian electoral roll by no later than Thursday 24 August, which is only a day away. You can find out more at the Australian Electoral Commission website or via the ABS Hotline on 1800 572 113.

For the record, I intend to vote Yes in support of marriage equality. I was personally exhilarated when Ireland voted Yes but disappointed at the same time that Australia had not yet voted.   Similarly, all of us will have our own personal views and there will no doubt be many discussions held across the community as the vote gets nearer.

Please keep an eye out for those who might be affected or distressed in any way by the nature of those conversations and if you are personally affected,  the Counselling Service (for students) and Employee Assistance Program (for staff) can provide you with support.

Best wishes,


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