The University of Newcastle, Australia
Professors Lee Smith, Brett Ninness and John Aitken

News • 25 Jan 2019

STEMM Ambassador appointed

We are pleased to announce that Associate Professor Peter Howley has been appointed to a newly formed STEMM Ambassador role for our University.

News • 3 Dec 2018

Turning to our students - Dec 2018

As the year draws to a close, I’d like to thank colleagues across the Division, and the University, who have worked hard to establish so many important new initiatives, and refine existing initiatives as part of the Education Redesign Project, while also keeping the ‘business as usual’ element on track. This important ground work has set the scene for the next phase of change, which will be a focus in 2019.

News • 21 Nov 2018

Inaugural L&T Student Recognition Prize recipients announced

I’m delighted to announce the recipients of the 2018 Learning and Teaching Student Recognition Prize.  Our student recipients were presented with their award at a presentation on Monday 5 November, attended by friends, family and staff.

News • 2 Nov 2018

Inaugural Women in STEMM Chair appointed

In August, during National Science Week 2018, former Vice-Chancellor Professor Caroline McMillen launched a flagship initiative to support the University’s efforts to address inequity for women in STEMM (Role models matter, 10 August 2018).

News • 10 Sep 2018

Inaugural tEN award recipients 2018

I’m delighted to announce our tEN (the Educator Network) 2018 recipients of the DVC(A) Educator Innovation & Impact Awards and the Teaching Innovation Investment Scheme (TI2).

News • 17 Jul 2018

Launch of the NeW Education Framework and the Educator Network (tEN)

We are now in the implementation phase of the NeW Education Framework, with a range of initiatives that have kicked off or are in planning. I am delighted to share with you the abridged version of the Framework, and to launch the establishment of the Educator Network: Promoting Collaboration, Innovation and Excellence (tEN).

Prof John Germov and Tina Crawford

News • 6 Jun 2018

Navigating the course to agreement

At last week’s enterprise bargaining meeting, the bargaining team undertook a stocktake of the progress that's been made to date. We are pleased to report that through good faith bargaining, we have achieved in-principle agreement for approximately 80 percent of clauses.

Nat McGregor, Chief Operating Officer

News • 28 May 2018

Sound results in an uncertain environment

The University’s 2017 Annual Report was tabled in NSW Parliament this week. This statutory report provides the NSW Government, the people of NSW, our many stakeholders, our staff, and students with an overview of our overall performance in the year against our strategic plan; our many achievements and awards; and our financial performance, and health over the last 12 months.   I encourage staff to view this Report, which can be found here.

News • 9 May 2018

Turning to our students - May 2018

We are now well into the second quarter of the year, and work associated with re-imagining our University into the future has been gaining pace. The framework that underpins this important process is the Education Redesign project. Thanks to the good work of our stream leads and to the contributions from colleagues across the University, we now have a comprehensive Student Journey Map to guide our thinking and focus our efforts on the student experience as we redesign our approaches to our work. The map is complemented by the New Education Framework – approved by Council approved in early 2018 – which details a range of projects that will transform our course and program offerings and the ways in which we enable learning and teaching.

Prof Deb Hodgson

News • 8 May 2018

A two year deep dive into gender equity is just the beginning

In late 2015, around the same time as the NeW Futures Strategic Plan was launched, UON was proud to be named among 30 Australian research institutions included in the first tranche of the Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) Athena SWAN pilot.  Our involvement called for a two year deep dive into various data sources to establish a detailed view of our organisation through a gender lens.

Darrell Evans and Liz Burd

News • 20 Feb 2018

No tolerance for harassment

Many of you will have seen or heard the media coverage yesterday on inappropriate behaviours including those that can be associated with sexual harassment and assault in Australian universities. This coverage included disturbing footage and images of hazing rituals engaged in by UON students from our college residences - these images were believed to be taken two to three years ago and were circulated widely by the media.

News • 1 Dec 2017

ODP update - the Student Journey

As the year draws to close I am conscious that many of you are wondering how we will be taking forward the learnings that have emerged from the discussions and feedback of the last few months of the second phase of the organisational design project, which has focused on the student experience.