The University of Newcastle, Australia

Wi-Fi 6 launch keeps University of Newcastle at the front of tech for Higher Education

Monday, 25 November 2019

The University of Newcastle is introducing the world’s latest Wi-Fi technology, Wi-Fi 6, to its campuses from November 2019, just two months after the technology became available.

Students in the Auchmuty Library.

While Wi-Fi 6 has the potential to be 40% faster than its predecessor Wi-Fi 5, its biggest attribute is its capacity to support multiple devices in congested areas.

The Auchmuty Library, Callaghan, where the roll out is commencing, can see as many as 4,000 students visiting per day who are often running two devices at a time through the University Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi 6 installation will double the total number of Wi-Fi access points in the Auchmuty library and Wi-Fi 5 is being retained to support any devices not compatible with this latest technology.

Other highly populated areas such as the Shortland Union building and Huxley Library at Callaghan, and the Ourimbah library are among those on the University’s Wi-Fi 6 roll out plan, so students can expect to see a significant enhancement to the University’s Wi-Fi service.

Such quick adoption places the University as one of the first to install Wi-Fi 6 in the Greater Newcastle region and higher education sector in Australia, as well as one of the early adopters globally.

The University has a track record of leading the tech space within the higher education sector. There is a strong history of creating award-winning technology solutions to enhance student learning and the University experience, as well as being first to offer students the latest technology advancements¹.

The University of Newcastle’s Chief Information Officer, Mr Anthony Molinia, said the introduction of world-leading and emerging technologies would enrich students’ learning.

“This is part of a broader strategic plan that will see Wi-Fi 6 rolled out across a number of premises in 2020,” Mr Molinia said.

“We’re absolutely committed to giving our students access to the latest technology which enables them to study more effectively, gives them a chance to learn hands-on and helps them prepare for the kind of workforce environments they’ll be moving into when they finish uni.”

“Universities also have a role to play in the local community’s economic prosperity and environmental sustainability. Ensuring we provide a technology environment which enables our world leading research capability to flourish, manages our environmental impact and allows innovation to thrive is key to this.

The University’s technology approach supports the City of Newcastle’s award winning Smart City Strategy, Lake Macquarie Council’s Smart City, Smart Council approach to supporting innovation and the desired role of the University in the Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan.

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