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Wanted: Participants for Employment Activation Study

Friday, 13 May 2016

Are you currently or have you recently been a jobseeker? Would you be interested in being interviewed about your experiences? We are seeking participants to be interviewed for a research project on jobseeker experiences in contemporary Australia.

Participants wanted for Employment Activation project

This is an Australian Research Council funded project concerned with experiences of job seekers in Australia and with how these experiences have changed in recent years. The project is being carried out by Professor Lisa Adkins (Chief Investigator) and Dr Phoenix de Carteret (Research Associate).

Stream A jobactive jobseekers over 18 years of age. Participation is entirely voluntary and will not be disclosed. All information provided will remain anonymous. Participation will not impact on your benefits or job search activities.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their experience of employment activation programmes and joblessness with the researcher and contribute to better understanding of these experiences.

Participants will be asked to participate in an interview and fill out a time use diary.

Participants will receive Coles-Myer vouchers in recognition of their contribution to the research.

More details and registration options can be found on the project blog.

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If you're interested or would like more information please contact or Phoenix de Carteret on 02 492 18846.

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