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Monday, 19 October 2020

Politics in a podcast is a monthly podcast organized by Politics in the Pub Newcastle, in collaboration with the School of Humanities and Social Science, and the Newcastle Business School, at the University of Newcastle. Each month will feature an interview with a special guest to dissect the political issues facing Australia and the broader world.

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Episode 9: In this episode of Politics in a Podcast I am joined by Professor Jim Jose to discuss how 2022 is shaping up as an election year.

Episode 8: The city of Newcastle was a hotspot of live original music throughout the 1970 and 1980s. Reflecting the identity of the community, supporting local culture, and generating a lively nightlife, the music landscape began to decline at the turn of the century. Now, with the city undergoing rapid development, many are anticipating a revitalized and vibrant musical landscape. Here to discuss music, local community, and the opportunities and challenges faced by local artists are Professor Phillip McIntyre of the University of Newcastle, and local artist Lachlan Morris, as known as performer Lachlan X Morris.

Episode 7: The Federal Coalition has handed its budget for 2021, with Josh Frydenberg taking the helm for Australia's economic roadmap to recovery. The budget comes off the back of recession, the on-going global Covid-19 Crisis, as well as the disasters such as bushfires and flooding rains. Significantly, the rhetoric around the need to achieve surplus has given way to levels of government spending unseen since the Second World War. Joining us to discuss the budget and its implications is George Pantelopoulos, a PhD candidate in economics from the University of Newcastle.

Episode 6: The city of Newcastle is undergoing a rapid stage of development and transition into a 'global city'. This includes advertising the city for tourist appeal, new buildings designed for temporary accommodation, and repurposing the city's social, cultural and physical landscape. Today I interviewed Dr Christine Everingham to discuss the issues, challenges, as well as opportunities for the community.

Episode 5: In light of the recent allegations of sexual assault, harassment, and inappropriate behaviour towards women in Federal Parliament, I sat down with Sara C. Motta, Professor of Politics at the University of Newcastle, to discuss women and politics in Australia, as well as the broader issues facing women and marginalised groups in relation to our political structures.

Episode 4: How do we make sense of Climate Change denial. For our first Politics in a Podcast of 2021 I am joined by Jacqueline Svenson to talk about climate change denial in Australia, how it operates, and how we can try and debunk the myths that undermine the facts of climate change

Episode 3: In our last episode of Politics in a Podcast for 2020 we talk with Dr Tod Moore about the recent US election and what Joe Biden's victory and Donald Trump's defeat might mean for the United States. We will be back next year for more Politics in a Podcast!

Episode 2: In our second episode I am joined by economic expert, Professor Bill Mitchell, to discuss the Federal Government's 2020 Budget.

Episode 1: Since the election last year Australia has been rocked by a series of crises. In this episode we talk to Professor Jim Jose, professor of politics at the University of Newcastle, on Scott Morrison's crisis management.


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