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Workplace Express Article Concerning Orora and AMWU

Friday, 12 June 2015

Workplace Express Article Concerning Orora and AMWU

Prof Mark Bray and Dr Johanna Mcneil

As part of their work into third party-assisted organisation transformations, Dr Johanna Macneil and Professor Mark Bray of the Newcastle Business School have had an article published in Workplace Express. The article relates to their case study on Orora Fibre Packaging (OFP).

Workplace Express is a leading publisher of e-journal articles specialising in the Industrial Relations and Human Resources fields. Read by practitioners across Australia, the recent article recognised the significant transformation at OFP, following their management working with the Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (AMWU) to incorporate solutions to significant workplace relations issues.

The major issues facing the company in 2012 were consequences of a weak culture, which lead to poor communication and a lack of respect between the management team at OFP and the AMWU. A third party (FWC) was thus introduced to analyse the situation and suggest resolution strategies to improve workflow and workplace relations.

The result of this work includes many benefits for the organisation including a continued increase in profits. This project's success was partly due to the assistance of the Fair Work Commission (FWC), who supported OFP's decision to participate in a "collaborative transformation process".

Furthermore, Professor Mark Bray and Dr Johanna Macneil also produced a case study on Sydney Water, once again drawing our attention to the successful and valued efforts of the FWC in assisting companies to transform their ways with new strategies revolving around improved workforce relationships and high productive cooperation.

This is a great example of academics engaging with practitioner literature as well as academic literature.

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