The University of Newcastle, Australia

Postgraduate Students Engage With Industry

Thursday, 19 July 2018

NBS Postgraduate Students Engage With Liberty One Steel

21 postgraduate Human Resource Management students, along with Professor Mark Bray, visited Liberty One Steel for a site tour of the Rod Mill and a presentation discussing HR practices at the company.

Led by Mr Stuart Gordon, National Manager Employee Relations, and Ms Bianca Jones, State Human Resource Manager, the students were briefed on the safety requirements of the Rod Mill while dressing in appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment), required by all staff and visitors to the site. The group, mainly consisting of international students were awed by the process of changing a steel rod into coils of wire ready for transportation to manufacturing sites.

The presentation and following Q&A session engaged all present and gave an insight into the demographics of the staff, union involvement, and human resource issues from both a manufacturing and administrative viewpoint. Further site visits are planned for later in 2018.

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