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New Centre fosters collaboration

Friday, 17 February 2017

The new Hunter Research Foundation (HRF) Centre opened for business in the Faculty of Business and Law in January.

The HRF Centre is the result of a partnership forged between the long-standing Hunter Research Foundation and the University. It is a multi-disciplinary research centre focused on building economic and social strength in the Hunter and other cities and regions undergoing profound change.

The Hunter Research Foundation (HRF) delivered socio-economic research in the Hunter for 60 years. The HRF Centre builds on the strong bond established by the HRF with community, government and industry partners, which has delivered a rich understanding and insight into the region’s economic and social fabric.

The HRF Centre will continue the elements of HRF that are valued by the business and broader community, including its unique Hunter Pulse quarterly surveys of residents and businesses, its Hunter (and Upper Hunter) Region Economic Indicators publications and its popular Hunter (and Upper Hunter) Economic Breakfast series. The partnership with the University allows the HRF Centre to offer a new level of service and expertise not previously available to HRF.

Leveraging the research strengths of the University, HRF Centre’s researchers will work with industry and the community to provide socio-economic research and analysis across sectors including health, engineering, energy and the environment.

The Centre will be an economics hub offering industry and community partners a ‘front door’ to the University’s capabilities, and will be reaching out to build a portfolio of interested researchers and graduate students from across the University to support their projects.

Led by a Chair in Applied Regional Economics, the HRF Centre will collaborate with sponsors, and with industry and the community, to encourage regional transformation in the Hunter and beyond. We are open for business.

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Caption for Room.jpg – HRF Centre’s Lead Economist, Dr Anthea Bill, presents to a business audience at the HRF’s Hunter Economic Breakfast in November last year.

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