The University of Newcastle, Australia

Negotiation Competition

Friday, 5 June 2015

Negotiating Success

Negotiation Competition

The University of Newcastle has had two students recently compete in, and successfully win the annual NSW SCLSS Negotiation Competition at UTS. Newcastle Law School students, Rowena Sturn and Tom Prichard, were announced as the winners in May.

The competition is founded and hosted by the UTS Law School. The competition consists of two representatives each from the top law schools within NSW and requires the teams to work against one another to reach an agreement, in resolution of a dispute. Over a 50 minute period, the teams negotiate, followed by a private reflection. The individuals then present a 10 minute individual self-analysis to the judges.

The aim of the competition is for the team to result in a clear and realistic agreement that is understood by both parties. Congratulations to Rowena and Tom.

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